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Therapy and Counseling for Individuals, Groups & Couples

Serving the Naperville community & surrounding suburbs

Bright Haven Behavioral Health Center

Bright Haven Behavioral Health Center

We are frequently confronted with problems we valiantly struggle to overcome throughout our lives. This can often primarily be due to external factors such as trauma or loss for some individuals. For others, it's internal processes such as anxiety, panic, and intrusive thought patterns.


At Bright Haven Behavioral Health Center, we're committed to creating successful outcomes for you on your journey towards psychological wholeness. Our practice consists of licensed professionals with diverse areas of expertise, which means we can address most patients' needs.  


We'll help you heal the dysfunctional mental habits and emotions that prevent you from living the life you deserve. Our compassionate, insightful, and understanding clinicians will equip you with the tools you need to navigate life's challenges deftly.


Bright Haven’s highly qualified psychotherapists have vast experience and expertise in providing clients with the absolute best care possible.


Our holistic evaluation helps us develop the best treatment plan for each client and their unique needs from the comfort of your home. 

Group Therapy

Our clinicians provide a safe space to work on communication skills and provide guidance, support and resources.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a wonderful way to get an unbiased third party’s perspective and insight into your relationship and provide you with strategies and resources.

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At Bright Haven, you can expect to feel you are truly a part of our organization, a part of our family and we are all focused on the same mission: enriching our lives and the lives of those around us.

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At Bright Haven, we believe that resilience is like building a muscle. Increasing your strength takes time, dedication, and an intentional focus on four core components: Connection, Wellness, Healthy Thinking, and Meaning.

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We all face distinctive challenges, and at Bright Haven, we embrace, accept, nurture, and learn to treat one another to achieve triumphant outcomes better.

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Bright Haven believes in the development that yields to the outcome: seeking help from others, trying new strategies, collaboration, learning from “what went well” versus “what went wrong” and coming up with strategies for improving together.

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We do the right thing at all times not for praise or reward, but rather for an ethical obligation we owe; our team, our patients, and our community as such. We practice this value daily by respecting, embracing, prioritizing one another’s well-being.

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There is power in numbers, and therefore, it is much easier to achieve any goal if you have a group of people behind one another that support, collaborate, provide recognition, mutual accountability, and constructive feedback when needed.

The Therapeutic Roadmap

During your initial consultation, you'll work with your therapist to clarify what you want to get out of therapy. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your unique needs, you and your therapist will decide on your individual, desired goals.  


Then, the two of you will create a treatment plan that will help you to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of your happiness and fulfillment. Next, you'll select the treatment modalities that will help you best meet the goals you've set. 

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The Goal of Therapy

The goal of therapy is to resolve the underlying issues that cause psychological distress. A nurturing therapeutic relationship between a counselor and client is the key to successful treatment. At Bright Haven, we offer evidence-based behavioral health treatment to treat the problems that negatively impact your emotional wellbeing. 

Therapy session

An Ever-Evolving Process

The therapeutic journey is an ever-evolving process. This means that as you progress, your desires and objectives might change. Because our behavioral health practitioners are acutely aware of this, they'll regularly check in with you to ensure that the therapeutic process continues to meet your needs.

A Collaborative Approach

A troubling power differential sometimes rears its ugly head in the conventional medical approach. It can leave the client uninvolved, a disempowered bystander to their treatment.

At Bright Haven Behavioral Health Center, we know effective therapy only happens when clients are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. That's why we believe psychotherapy should be a collaborative partnership between a client and a behavioral health specialist.  


By collaborating, clients become more invested in their recovery and better able to develop the tools that will help them triumphantly transcend challenges and return to a state of vibrant emotional health. We assist every client who walks through our door in learning the essential cognitive skills they need for a more fulfilling life and a greater capacity for joy. 

Individualized Treatment

Behavioral health should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Because every human being on the planet is unique, we take a highly individualized approach to therapy, including discovering each client's individual needs. We have a well-deserved reputation for our ability to identify these needs through our comprehensive assessment process.

A Safe Haven

Helping clients feel safe throughout the therapeutic process ensures that psychological trauma is processed in a restorative space instead of retraumatizing. At Bright Haven, we provide clients with a safe place to have a therapy session before beginning treatment. This is the only way a client can develop the trust necessary to make the therapeutic journey a successful one.

Cultivating Resilience in the Age of COVID

Having resilience in the era of COVID-19 is essential because it determines how quickly we get back on our feet after the air has been metaphorically knocked out of us. When individuals feel strong enough to handle both daily life and extreme challenges, they're said to be resilient. 


At Bright Haven Behavioral Health Center, we believe that cultivating resilience is like building muscle. The good news is that resiliency can be honed with the help of a qualified therapist.

The Glorious Totality That Is You

All too often, behavioral health professionals try to treat symptoms in isolation without considering the entirety of the human being standing before them. Any treatment approach that only looks at symptoms and not the whole person is unnecessarily reductive and doomed to fail.  


That's because this way of doing things causes the practitioner not to see the picture, operating with the kind of clinical tunnel vision that can undermine behavioral health treatment. Because our approach to behavioral health is holistic, we steer clear of that pitfall.  


Your psychological struggles don't define you. We see the glorious totality of your mind, body, and spirit and how all three parts function as a unified whole. Doing this helps us develop a much deeper understanding of ourselves at all levels, leading to greater self-awareness and improved self-esteem.

Counselor in a session

You're the Expert

The most critical part of collaborative therapy is the practitioner's belief that the client is the expert on their own experience. The therapist never acts as an authority figure who has vastly more knowledge than the person in therapy has. While the behavioral health practitioner might offer their perspective, they avoid forcing their own ideas on the client.

Counseling session


At Bright Haven, we take your privacy seriously. Information collected during your sessions is considered privileged communication and subject to all applicable privacy laws. There are some exceptions, such as danger to yourself or others. 

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What Happens During a Typical Session

In a typical therapy session, you and your therapist will forge a partnership where both of you are on equal footing. In this safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, you'll be able to talk about yourself. At the same time, a therapist attentively listens so they can understand your way of experiencing the world.

Your therapist will help you create new pathways of understanding the self, mitigating the effects of dysfunctional cognitive patterns, and restoring emotional balance. You'll work together to identify and change what keeps you from feeling your best.  


Your therapist will facilitate dialogue by asking questions, making comments, and ensuring they understand what you're saying. This collaborative relationship allows both of you to form a comprehensive narrative of your experience, setting the stage for eventual transformation. Treatment will also help equip you with the tools you need to tackle distressing life challenges, giving you a more prosperous, more vibrant existence in the process.

Counselor in a session